Crucifixion of Jesus -2011


James "BO" Insogna

Crucifixion of Jesus -2011
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Crucifixion of Jesus -2011
The Crucifixion of Jesus, layered image lightning striking behind Jesus on the cross with texture added. Fine art religious lightning photography print and canvas art. 2011 version. Jesus' crucifixion is described in all four Canonical gospels, attested to by other contemporary sources, and regarded as a historical event. Christians believe Jesus' suffering was foretold in Hebrew scripture, such as in Psalm 22, and Isaiah's songs of the suffering servant. According to the New Testament, Jesus was arrested in Gethsemane following the Last Supper with the twelve Apostles, and forced to stand trial before the Sanhedrin, Pontius Pilate, and Herod Antipas, before being handed over for crucifixion. After being flogged, Jesus was mocked by Roman soldiers as the "King of the Jews", clothed in a purple robe, crowned with thorns, beaten and spat on. Jesus then had to make his way to the place of his crucifixion. In the Way of the Cross Almighty God, whose most dear Son went not up to joy but first he suffered pain, and entered not into glory before he was crucified: Mercifully grant that we, walking in the way of the cross, may find it none other than the way of life and peace; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord. Amen.
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Paper: Enhanced Matte
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Frame: Wide Square Black
Size: 23.5" x 18.2"
Paper: Enhanced Matte
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ErnieEchols ::
April 23, 2011
Well Done!!

lightningman ::
April 29, 2011
Thank you Ernie!

spadecaller ::
April 24, 2011
Striking work, Bo!

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