Budweiser Lightning Strike


James "BO" Insogna

Budweiser Lightning Strike
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Budweiser Lightning Strike
Anheuser-Busch Budweiser Brewery lightning thunderstorm. This had to be one of the scariest storms I have ever chased. This chase took me from boulder county all the way to the Wy border. When I landed at this spot at the brewery and set up I would hit my shutter and then jump in the back of the SUV with my feet off the ground to be protected by four rubber tires if it struck close by. Lightning bolts were striking in all directions. It was so had to tell where they were going to land. After about 20 minutes it headed behind the and on top of the brewery and was a little safer for shooting. 15 sec, f11, 75mm, 100 ISO. 1-888-682-0122
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ErnieEchols ::
January 11, 2011

lightningman ::
January 18, 2011
Thank you!

tana ::
January 12, 2011
Exciting ! --- and superb in color James.

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